Greetings from Greeks

If you’re not afraid of embracing and coming into close contact with a big bunch of people then this should be a doddle.

It is normal to kiss each person on both cheeks in Greece and trust me for those, like myself who prefer to have a personal bubble at all times, it sends your heart rate through the roof.

Most Greek people are very open people and will greet someone they barely know with a shout and a wave from across the street.

As a solid Brit, greeting someone I barely know is usually handled with half a smile and a nod or a quick walk across the road to avoid having to decide if I’m on ‘nod’ or ‘hiya’ terms with that person.

There are times when greeting each other is not always possible. Often, on the island of Corfu, a simple ‘EHHHHH’ or ‘EYYYYY’ out of the window will suffice if driving.

Cat-calling unfortunately is still something which happens quite frequently over here. Recently one man tried to mime his heart beating out of his chest for me, whilst going horribly slow (unusual here) on his bike and muttering something whilst wafting his tongue all over the place. His face then followed my deadpan expression and middle finger as he slowly went past on his world’s slowest bike. There’s some satisfaction in giving the middle finger and knowing they saw it.

Despite the occasional arse, since I first arrived in Corfu, the welcoming atmosphere I have received since day one is one of the many reasons why I am still here today.

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