Priority seating on a flight and why I never pay it.

I am a sucker for last minute flights and I NEVER book priority. Okay, you may not get the seat you wanted and it means you have to wait a bit longer to board but at the end of the day we will all take off at the same time, right?

I’m not overly fussy about the seat I get assigned. Window seat? Perfect. I can stare out of the window and try to guess what country I’m flying over however it can be a real pain if you need to use the toilet and you sheepishly have to wake someone up because you can’t wait any longer.

The middle seat seems to be the typical dread. I don’t always enjoy as I tend to watch a movie on my tablet and have to pre-plan a PG film just in case there are children next to me or to generally avoid embarrassment if a casual sex-scene takes me by surprise. Nevertheless, having a middle seat means you’re close enough to still see what’s happening outside the window and you only have to bug one person if you have to ‘spend a penny’

Ah, the aisle seat. There’s people shoving past, constant irritating individuals going in and out of the overhead storage. Anyone behind or passing can see the movie I am trying to watch and I once had a flight attendant ruin Gossip Girl for me by telling me the ending. Cheers love. But there’s a big BUT to the aisle seat. Need a wee? No problem. Up you go, no ‘excuse me sorry, just got to go for a wee’.

Now before the ramble about seating I suggested not to upgrade to priority and choose your seating (Not a problem if you prefer or are required to) but make sure you look at the seating available before choosing to pay more. In April I booked a last minute flight back to England simply because it was £10 each way (IKR) – I looked at the seats that were available to see there was 2 windows and a middle one.

I’m not a gambler but I was feeling particularly fruity that day and decided to take the risk. I mean it was going to cost me the price of a flight to decide which seat and seeing as the return flights were costing me £20, my inner Yorkshire Bred voice was telling me ‘take the gamble, Jess’. So I did. Turns out I got a middle seat but a whole row to myself so I hit the Jackpot really.

As I only tend to take a small Cabin bag (again my tight Yorkshire arse will make sure EVERYTHING fits in the Cabin bag to avoid extra fees) I don’t mind putting my bag into the hold for no extra charge. Often cabin bags that have been put in hold end up coming out first and I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for it to turn up on the carousel.

It also means less faffing, sweating and panicking when your cabin bag doesn’t fit in the overhead and you have to ask the gentleman next to you to help shove it in.

I simply take on a small bag, big enough to fit my phone, tablet, passport and purse and keep it between my legs for the flight.

Most of my flights are usually between Corfu and the UK and I generally use the cheap airlines. Leave me your hacks and experiences in the comments as I am sure some of you are far more hard-core fliers than me!

2 thoughts on “Priority seating on a flight and why I never pay it.”

  1. Loved reading this, the Yorkshire tightness comments made me laugh. (I’m from Teesside, but close enough to feel the same haha!) You’re so right, that gamble often pays off so when I am flying alone I don’t bother selecting seats either. Thanks for sharing!

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