Basic Greek for Beginners

Let’s learn some basic Greek this morning!

First I will write in Greek, then the Latin alphabet and translation in English:

Καλημέρα – Kalimera – Good Morning

Sounds like: Ka-lee-mare-ah

Καλησπέρα – kalispera – Good afternoon/evening

Sounds like: Ka-lee-spare-ah

Καληνύχτα – Kalinikta – Good night

Sounds like: Ka-lee-nihk-ta

Γειά Σου – yia sou – hello (one person)

Sounds like: ya-sou

Γειά σας – yia sas – hello (more than one person/elderly person)

Sounds like: ya-sass


Πόσο είναι – poso einai – how much is it?

Sounds like pos-oh ee-nay

Ευχαριστώ – efharisto – thank you

Sounds like: ef-ha-ris-toe

Παρακαλώ – parakalo – please/you’re welcome

Sounds like: pa-ra-ka-loh

* ‘yia sou’ and ‘yia sas’ is also used for ‘goodbye’

Use these words to get you started in Greece and the locals will be your friend for life!

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