Winter in Greece: The Ferry

This is part 1 of 5 of my ‘Winter in Greece’ experience 2018

Who knew Greece had a winter? I thought it would reach autumnal at best but it turns out I was completely wrong!

In February 2018 we travelled around Mainland Greece and I was so fortunate to be introduced to a whole new world that would give Jasmine and Aladdin a run for their money.

Living in the UK most of my life, I’ve seen snow. Apart from the great snowfall of 2011, the snow in the UK is basically just slushy crap. Not in Greece however, I finally saw PROPER snow. It turns out up in the North of the Country there’s mountains, ski resorts and all sorts going on that I wasn’t aware of. It felt like going to a completely new country!

For the next few weeks I’m going to focus on really giving you insight into my trip around Mainland Greece. It’s amazing how much you can fit into such a small space of time.

To paint the picture, I travelled with my boyfriend and his parents (who are all Greek) and they desperately wanted to show me the places they would go when they were younger. We took two cars as we couldn’t fit all our belongings into one and my boyfriend wanted to follow his Dad so that one day he might be able to take the journey without him.

The trip only lasted 2 nights and 3 days but I think I probably saw more in that compact weekend away than I ever have in my life!

The ferry

The journey started in Corfu and was an interesting experience to say the least. We went to the port to take a ferry over to mainland. I am not a boat person at all and these ferries are pretty small.

Most of my journey to the mainland usually consists of my head in my hands and a bottle of water. As most of you know I’m a huge coffee fan but even the smell of it on a boat makes me turn green.

Before the ferry left the port I decided to use the toilet (before it started to move) and I was surprised to notice there were no doors! Desperate times call for desperate measures and the ferry was pretty quiet so I decided to just go for it. Door. Wide. Open.

Half way through my wee, I realised that actually the doors were pinned back to stop them from slamming whilst the ferry was in movement. I couldn’t reach to shut so I was trying to have the quickest wee of my life and unsurprisingly it was probably the longest wee I’ve ever had. I don’t know why I made the decision to do it with the door open anyway, I’m a very much ‘locked door’ kind of gal and visiting anyone’s house who doesn’t have a lock on the door sends my nerves through the roof.

I finally finished and very hurriedly went to wash my hands, as I walked out I quickly glanced in the mirror only to realise that from where I am standing (outside the bathroom) you can see directly into the cubicle I just used.

I’m not sure if anyone saw but let’s hope they didn’t see my face.

The town from the photograph above is Igoumenitsa. It’s well known for its port. Although you cannot see from the mountains, this was my first sign of snow in the distance.

As a child, I very much hated the thought of a road trip. Having to share the back seats of the car with my brothers who I didn’t want to touch and bouncing along in our old Ford Granada. It was stuffy and jammed with all our belongings and mum rationed the food so we didn’t eat it all within the first hour.

This road trip was different. I had a playlist on Spotify set up with all my favourite songs, all the space I could ever wish for and a view that left me hanging out of the window like a happy little dog.

Who knew Greece was so vast? Forget beachy holidays and crystal blue seas, there’s a whole other world right on my doorstep and this is only the very beginning of my journey.

19 thoughts on “Winter in Greece: The Ferry”

  1. Oh I was talking with my family while I was in Greece about the winter subject and I was like “hmm I think they have like fall for 6 months”. I guess I was completely wrong haha!
    Can’t wait for the other parts, your bathroom story was hilarious 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely love this! It’s amazing how one post can make you feel like you’ve been there, too. The mountains look amazing and your toilet story is hilarious! I’m really a person who would lock their toiler doors five times if that was possible so I have no idea what would I do in a ferry, hahah! I can’t wait for the next posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no, that toilet story sounds horrific! I probably wouldn’t have gone, I hate public toilets and the door not closing would be a definite no from me. Loved reading this story, can’t wait to read the follow up parts!

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  4. I actually can’t stop laughing – the toilet story is hilarious and I can definitely relate to that! lol
    Also, I love the thought of a snowy Greece! I actually have never thought about that but now I‘m intrigued to go one day and explore the snow in Greece!
    Loved reading your post!

    Malena x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To this date I still cringe at the thought of it! 😂
      Snowy Greece is great! Difficult to get to though as I’d say the nearest airports would be Thessaloniki or Athens and even then you would have a looong drive to get there! X

      Liked by 1 person

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