‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.

I almost had my shit together just over three years ago. I had a good job, comfortable relationship, driving lessons, saving up for a car and I had just graduated university. Then I realised I didn’t want all that and chucked it away without a second glance. I passed my driving test and two weeks later I flew out to Corfu to begin my best life.

Most people believe getting your shit together is marriage, children, good career, house, car, regular dentist check-ups etc. For some, this is definitely the case and this is great! However, many of us struggle to meet these demands and feel underaccomplished when we don’t meet them. Today I want to focus on this. It is also okay not to meet the demands so many of us spend a lifetime trying to reach.

As I’ve mentioned a few times already on social media and my previous blog post (Click here for previous post), I’m turning 25 and I suddenly had an ‘oh my god I don’t have my shit together’ meltdown.

But what really is the right age to get it all together?

Many people say it’s your 20’s that really count and I totally believe that right now I’m right bang in the middle of my most critical and life changing decade. I still don’t believe there is a definite number to get everything together though.

I don’t have a car, house or any of the things considered ‘normal’ in adulthood. I ride my bicycle to work every day as I currently don’t have another option. It’s nice to have 15 minutes of quiet time whilst I cycle, nature is around me (apart from when giant tourist busses come flying round roads barely big enough for a car) and feel I’ve achieved something in my day.

My idea of getting my shit together is being happy in myself. I like myself for the first time in my entire life. I’m finally being noticed for being funny and chatty and approachable and not the girl who spews out word vomit and says awkward things in awkward situations. I’ve not been in school for 6/7 years now and I finally feel like I’m shaking off that awkward teenage phase and becoming a young adult.

Some are late bloomers. Some know exactly what they want and when they want before they even reach adulthood. Both are okay. Both are VERY okay.

Sometimes I have trouble deciding what I want to eat for dinner so deciding what I want to do in life is one of those things I will probably never make a decision with.

One day I’m totally into heavy rock and the next I’m feeling a bit of Adele. I think it’s okay not to be a decision maker. There’s a lot of stigma on that. Even I joke sometimes when people can’t make a decision! But who are we to judge on what is the right or wrong way to behave?

My life now is good. I work in a restaurant and have proved I can work extra hard under pressure, learn fast and be part of a team. I’m not afraid of a curve ball and I’m able to keep spirits high when things are difficult.

Plus I get this view on a daily basis ⬇️

In just over a month I will return to England for a little while, make some extra money and return to Greece in February. It’s nice to see family again and it means I can live ‘the best of both worlds’ (to quote my beloved Hannah Montana).

I like living in the NOW. As soon as I stop enjoying it, I will change my tune and that makes life feel less scary. I have personal autonomy.

A note to everyone worrying about getting their shit together:

You don’t have to. Enjoy now. Don’t regret decisions, learn from them. Don’t believe in mistakes, believe in learning curves. Everyone’s time will come and it might be that your career really kicks off later in life. Maybe riding your bicycle to work every day is what you’re supposed to be doing. So don’t get hung up on someone who didn’t hire you or if an opportunity falls through. If you want something enough, you’ll get it but it might not be right when you want or expect it.

Time is a precious thing but we also have enough of it to be patient and let things happen when they’re supposed to happen.

14 thoughts on “‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.”

  1. Once again a great blog… And just so you know you still have “word vomit” moments but that’s what make you you! 😉 Keep up the great work, you have certainly a fab place to get your shit together and its nice to be able to watch you grow into your more adultier adult self😊

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    1. Absolutely! There’s no right or wrong way to live your life. I mean of course I believe in making the most of it but each persons idea of living their best life will be totally different to the next! I think everyone should be open to every way of living. I get so many people be like ‘oh are you just having a working holiday?’ Like I’ve stumbled off the wagon for a little while or something… no.. I live out here 😂

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    1. Exactly. Those are very wise words! I used to be so scared to change and because of this I ended up doing a lot of things I didn’t actually want to do. Once I realised that I can actually make my own decisions, life got miles better!


  2. Love this! To an outsider I have my ‘shit together’, I have the career, the boyfriend, the car…. and I love that side of things but do I love sitting on a train for an hour and half every day and slogging my brains out to put money in someone else pocket? No way. I’m not too far from making my own drastic changes. Being happy is what ‘making it’ is really all about and that’s all that matters!

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    1. Absolutely! You have to find what’s right for you. You’ll get there eventually though, I think it’s important to do a few things you don’t particularly love because it crosses them out and and narrows down the things you do love!

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  3. I love this! Sometimes it’s easy to forget to just be happy with what makes you happy, when everyone around you is ‘settling down’ and wanting different things!

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