10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog

#1 Down days

For starters, sometimes blogging feels like a never ending cycle of disappointment. Why are my posts not getting recognition?

These things take time. Blogging takes time. Maybe nothing will attract others for a while but then suddenly one post makes all the difference.

It’s easy within the first few weeks to think ‘nope, can’t do it’ but keep the motivation and don’t force blog posts if they’re not flowing.

The right post will attract the right people in time.

#2 Perfection doesn’t exist!

See that person who appears to have perfect photos, posts, loads of followers and everything seems fine and dandy?

Sometimes what isn’t noticed is that one person possibly stressed for days about this one post. It doesn’t happen by magic, there’s a lot of dedication involved in blogging.

#3 Grammar is not essential

There’s an epic difference between grammar and writing.

Just remember that J.K Rowling didn’t have perfect grammar in the beginning and who cares because she wrote the most magical books on this planet and we love her unconditionally for it.

It’ll improve as time goes on.

#4 Take a risk

Writing can become so mundane sometimes. Don’t be afraid to write about an embarrassing story or something that makes your heart race before you press publish. It might really kick start your blog!

Avoid ‘and then and then and then’

#5 Anything goes

Be whatever kind of blogger you want. Make a new blog identity up if you don’t fit a criteria! There’s no rules about who you have to be or how you have to write. Be yourself!

As long as your blog has a positive influence or flow then anything you write will be acceptable in the blogging community!

#6 Interaction

Talk to others. Really connect with other people. If you’ve ever read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ (Dale Carnegie) then you’ll know asking about others is a really good way to get along in the social world.

Plus why not support others? It’s nice to be nice.

#7 It’s not a competition

Okay so one person’s theme on Instagram is so pretty and attractive but realistically it might not be a style suited to your blog. Go with what you like and not what others like.

I’ve seen a few bloggers with a mental illness write that they are worse off than others and it’s such a shame for all the lovely supporters and writers who just want to help. Be mindful of others.

There’s no finish line. Everyone has different goals and stumbles across different opportunities. There isn’t a winner at the end and other bloggers will realise if you try to outdo everyone.

Always support and don’t compete.

#8 Good and bad days

Appreciate the bad days sometimes. Blogging is like life in general. Sometimes there’s waves of good and other times there’s bad periods. It’s not the end of the world, everyone has them. I’m sure even the professionals have these days also.

#9 Be patient

Don’t start your blog on the Monday and expect to have 1000 followers by the Tuesday. Followers don’t mean everyone is checking out your blog, it’s just a status. It’s possible to have a very small following of great supportive people and have more views than someone with over 1k followers.


Read and comment on people’s blog posts. Think about how you feel when someone comments on yours. I know I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone says something nice, so say it! Don’t skim a post, read it and make someone’s day.

Also reading is the best way to learn. Reading can help you find your style plus there are so many amazing influential people out there!

24 thoughts on “10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog”

  1. I agree with this so much! Especially about the down days. I’ve started to do that myself and when I realized it, I changed my views to only show me week by week instead of daily, it helps so much!

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  2. I love this post!! Wish I read it six months ago when I was thinking “why did I do this, again??” Great point of view and guidance for anyone starting out. Have a nice weekend! Michelle 😁

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  3. Great post! The down days is so true, when I first started I wasn’t getting many views and it made me wonder if it was worth carrying on but then the moment I started getting a few more views (and thought of more stuff to write about) it motivated me so much!

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  4. Great post! As someone who has just started, it’s good to sit back and remind myself to not be too disappointed if I don’t achieve what I want right away. These tips are great, and they’re good to keep in mind. 😊💕

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  5. As a month old blogger I definitely needed some of these reminders, and it’s definitely something all new bloggers should know! Also I love the graphics for this how did you make them?? Adorable xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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