30 things that make me happy!

Earlier on this week the lovely Little World Of Rachel suggested I write my own blog post of things that make me happy.

So here I am!

Big thank you to Rachel, I will be adding all her social media links to the bottom of this post so check her out! 😊

1. Coffee

2. Pool/beach days

3. Netflix

4. My dog

5. Blogging

6. Movie Nights

7. Living in Greece

8. Thunderstorms

9. Fluffy socks/slippers

10. Local wine

11. BBQ night

12. Craft Beer

13. Cheese (all the cheese)

14. Day trips

15. Journaling

16. Flatlay photography

17. Stationery

18. Nail day!

19. Anything rose gold

20. Pyjamas

21. Sunset

22. Sunrise

23. Harry Potter

24. Jumpsuits

25. Anything Roxy

26. Candles

27. Trainers! (sneakers)

28. Managing a tough day

29. Friendship

30. Positivity

Thanks again Rachel for suggesting! Give this girl a follow:




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