Pre-christmas tasks!

I know, I know we are in the middle of Autumn and everyone is talking about crunchy leaves and scary movies but this year I desperately want to be the most organised I’ve ever been when it comes to Christmas so I’m starting now!


These are just some small goals I’d like to achieve and maybe inspire one or two people to follow suit!

Here are a list of things to help Christmas flow much easier:

1. Clear out wardrobe

Doesn’t sound very christmassy does it? However, the mistake I make year after year is just adding more clothes to my wardrobe and anything I don’t wear any more ends up in a box/vacuum packed in my mum’s attic or stuffed in a dark corner of my cupboard that even the kids from Narnia would have trouble finding. I never have room to appreciate any new gifts I’ve received because all the old crap is in the way.

Get a couple of bags and sort into different piles:

  • EBay (or other similar site!)
  • Charity
  • Recycle
  • Bin

Go through and see what you can salvage! I’m always so amazed what I find. Just don’t start getting sentimental when you have to throw away the top you wore the first time your first boyfriend/girlfriend smiled at you or something.

2. Support local/small businesses

This Christmas I have decided to try and buy a chunk of my Christmas gifts from smaller businesses as you can find some really unique and beautiful gifts for a low price!

Get on Instagram and find some sites that will have you scrolling for days! I particularly like these businesses:

Nutmeg&Arlo – sells the cutest enamel pins (Harry Potter!) And other perfect stocking fillers.

WithanOceanViewArt – sells hand crafted paintings that would look so cute framed!


Oh god I can’t be the only one who gets tingles up my spine when I have the chance to write a list?!

ESPECIALLY if I can get my very best stationery out and make it so pretty…

… and that is exactly my advice.

Don’t scribble down a list on a scrappy piece of paper, write out a beautiful eye catching display of names and gifts and little boxes to tick off as you go along (oh my!)

I guarantee it’ll organise anyone who isn’t organised like myself. It just looks so pretty when it’s complete!

Have a look on Pinterest. I’ve used these ideas:

Also I have made a list of all the dates and opening times of the Christmas markets near where I live because who doesn’t love a chrimbo market?!

4. Healthier lifestyle

January. I don’t know about you but it reminds me of some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland. Diets, despair, Christmas trees and decorations dumped all over.


I like to watch my health before Christmas also. It’s difficult to get the balance right and I often spend Christmas day wishing I hadn’t stuffed my face with crisps/beer and sometimes a takeaway the night before as my stomach is often the only one suffering.

We all have our different reasons for food not being our friend but for the entire month of December I go overboard and then spend January finishing off anything I didn’t eat in December… because it’s there.

For at least 3 years running at one point I ended up not going out over New Year’s Eve because of Cheese.

I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it and it hates me. So November I try and have a cheese free month.

Let me know in the comments what you like to do to make Christmas a less stressful occasion! Maybe we can INSPIRE each other!



9 thoughts on “Pre-christmas tasks!”

  1. Nope. I have been writing Christmas lists for at least a month now! So far we have what I want for Christmas, what I am buying for everyone else at Christmas, who’s getting Christmas cards and the Christmas food shop as I am hosting Christmas for 11 people this year!!!! God help me!

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  2. Book up Panto tickets ! Seriously it’s great fun. Jokes are terrible, the dancing a bit ropey and the acting iffy…………but put it all together and it’s amazing. Even of you are thinking β€˜not in a million years’……just go, try it.

    Book delivery slots as soon as possible. And don’t leave the gift buying to the last few days – get it all well out of the way. We also go out to the local pub for Xmas Eve lunch, then there is no cooking at all to do until Xmas Day (which I do…….bonus points for me, and no doubt you are thinking wow, isn’t he brilliant !!).

    Just some things that make our xmas easier…..married couple, with two young kids !

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    1. Aw we used to go to the Bradford Alhambra every year when we were kids. Beautiful place! But now we all work stupid shifts and it’s less possible than it used to be. I’m also not sure my Greek boyfriend would get the whole ‘he’s behind you!’ Culture πŸ˜‚

      I always buy my gifts in November however I end up finding getting panicky a few days before Christmas because I feel like a couple of people don’t have enough so have a last minute panic shop!

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  3. I envy your organization. I feel the same as you, muxh more of an organized chaos. But I can tell from reading your organized chaos is actually organized lol. I love the idea of going through your wardrobe to make room for new items. . .it’s smart. Gonna try make a list for gift ideas. . .wanna make it cute like you suggested though. Also you’re si right January ia like an apocalyptic wasteland. . .it’s a perfect description actually haha.
    But thank you for sharing. . .hopefully I take your advice lol

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    1. Trust me I’m one of the most unorganised people in the world! I strive every day to get more organised and it always fails me! But it’s good to try and face your weaknesses head on πŸ˜‚ definitely suggest the cute list. Pinterest is your friend here! I hope it helps you!


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