13 things I hate about Halloween

It’s widely known that in the UK, Halloween is far less celebrated than our friends across the pond in the US. Traditions and culture are quite different but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or exciting to dress up and knock on doors, receiving sweets from strangers. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I’d never participated in the occasional trick or treat and in my younger years, hosted a party or two.

But there are several things that ‘grind my gears’ about Halloween that I feel obliged to share with you all today. So here we are:

1. Greed

It’s quite cute when kids dress up in their little outfits and knock on your door. As a qualified pre-school practitioner, I love pretending to be absolutely terrified of young kids masks. However, kids that come with no effort made and just snatch a huge handful of sweets from you and walk off really ruin the experience. As a child, I wouldn’t have dreamt of taking a handful from someone I don’t know. It just kinda takes away the fun out of a harmless tradition.

2. Halloween costumes

This may seem weird to some but the SMELL of Halloween costumes really sets me on edge. The plastic/nylon feeling also makes me want to pick it up with a stick let alone wear it.

3. Outfit shaming

I must admit, the names of some of the outfits are questionable but weather it’s called ‘sexy devil’ or ‘I made my own choice of clothing devil’, it’s just not cool to make a judgement because someone wants to look and feel good. Wear what you want and blooming well own it.

I feel as a woman sometimes there is no right answer in which outfit you choose and it’s a little disheartening.

4. Horror films

Anything that is freaky can fork off. There’s not a chance I will sleep at night even if I only catch the advert on the TV.

5. Being chased

What is this thing where people go out to these events like ‘zombies vs survivors’ and spend a night in an abandoned place getting chased. Just no. Not cool. Don’t get me started on those scare houses either where people jump out on you! No thanks.

6. Clowns

A couple of years ago there was an ‘outbreak’ of clowns and one was standing at the top of this cemetery where I live. I was walking home from being with my friends and I have never run so hard and fast in my life. I don’t know why that is funny in any way, shape or form.

7. Fake blood

It just looks sticky and gross. That’s all I have to say.

8. Masks

I’m not sure if it’s an element of control but it’s difficult to see that person’s intentions if they are wearing a mask. Especially if it’s a big creepy clown or zombie mask that covers your entire head.

9. Decorations

Fake spider webs are the worst. Anywhere with Halloween decorations put up will put me off going in especially if it’s a restaurant. I just don’t want to eat food where gruesome things are hanging up!

10. Mischievous night

Living in a particularly nice area often means mischievous night is an unknown thing to many but when I lived in Middlesbrough, I locked all my doors and windows and sat with every light on in the house, worried something would happen! Nothing ever happened but there were always storied and rumours that unnerved me.

11. Not dressing up

I’ve just taken my 6 year old cousin with her friends Trick or Treating and the amount of teenagers walking about in their casual clothes knocking on doors is almost crazy. If you want sweets, play the game! Don’t spoil the fun for everyone involved.

12. Food/sweets

Eating anything that’s green or orange makes me feel like I’m eating some kind of ghostly slime. Even worse is anything snake/worm/frog shaped.

13. Plastic

There’s enough of a plastic problem across planet earth and although we can’t stop in our tracks and drop everything instantly, Halloween has to be one of the worst for it! Discarded decorations and all sorts set us back and it’s all from a single night.

So there you go. I’ve had my moan. There are so many things I love about this time of year also, I’m just a very unspooky person generally. There’s not element of mystery or surprise about me! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good party but I wouldn’t be sad if I missed it!

17 thoughts on “13 things I hate about Halloween”

  1. I agree on lots of your comments. There were loads of groups of little kiddies down our road earlier as myself and eldest daughter came home from her Beavers group. She is desperate to ‘Trick or Treat’ – said she could do it next year.

    I’m not a fan to be honest, think it’s rather like begging. Maybe I’ll see if differently in 2019 ?!?!?

    I put a sign on our door – young child asleep, no ‘Trick or Treaters’ thank you (bet they think we are a right family of miserable buggers !!!!

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    1. In my town it’s quite nice as anyone with decorations up is basically inviting you to knock… If there aren’t any decorations up then you don’t knock! My cousin went round her friends houses so she knew most of the people answering the door so it seems like quite a nice safe community vibe. Everyone’s giving and taking which evens it all out.

      I think it’s fair enough when you have small kids! It can be a fun activity and I suppose it’s a bit of a confidence building event for young kids.
      It’s just sort of everything else around it that annoys me. Kids doing it is a bit of fun and harmless but that should just be the extent of it in my opinion!

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      1. I think it’s 2019 with my two….oh it’s a Thursday next year, just checked: that’ll be fun 🙄

        I’m dreading banging on doors- will have to rope some neighbours in…

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  2. I like some things about Halloween but totally agree with basically every one of your points – I hate trick or treaters and then Carol Singers at Christmas who are just greedy teenagers! I do love the colours though all the oranges and black everywhere and I had so much fun hosting Halloween parties when I was younger, so I can’t let go of it totally 🙂

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    1. Yes! I’m in total agreement. At uni I did some great parties and as a kid we would always go trick or treating but we also had a bowl of sweets for anyone who came knocking so it was sort of like paying for your own sweets I guess!


    1. Hahahah!! You’re not missing a lot to be honest. I know it’s celebrated more in other countries but Halloween in the UK is definitely dying out a bit. The streets used to be much busier than they were last night!

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  3. I love this so much! I am on the complete opposite side of the spectrum of Halloween enjoyment. . .but I loved reading the opposite point of view! I 100% agree about the clown and plastic thing though. The whole clown epidemic was so fuc**** scary! I cannot imagine seeing one at a cemetery and having to run!! Like wtf??? And plastic is a nightmare and I so agree Halloween is one the worst occasions for unnecessary plastic items/waste. Thank you for sharing and fo going against the grain!

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    1. Glad you like my post! Halloween isn’t all awful. It’s kinda fun and I’ve definitely had some great excuses to party because of it! But I generally wouldn’t miss it if it was cancelled 😂
      Clowns are just not funny at all, they were supposed to be fun and silly and now they’re just a freak show!
      It’s always good to be a little different, I’m not generally a negative person but I don’t really think Halloween brings much of a positive impact or more so values and lessons for kids! Thanks for reading 😁


      1. I feel you completely! Kinda how I feel about Valentines day, actually hahaha
        And honestly about clowns. Especially how popularized John Wayne Gacy is. . .they’re just so creepy to me. Unless it’s a little one like you said in your post. Toddler clowns only, please. Or dogs in clown costumes too, maybe haha
        But I don’t think you were being negative at all! Maybe a little cyncial. . .but isn’t everyone? lol Plus you’re pretty right, there really isn’t much of a lesson in it for kiddos . . .and it really does kind of encourage greed. Thanks again

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