Guest Post: That time when I met my Prince Not-So-Charming

Welcome to my second guest post ‘that time when…’ This week’s guest is KB (her life in ruins)

That time when I met my Prince Not-So-Charming

At 19, I was young, had stars in my eyes, and dreamed of going abroad to have my very own Lizzie McGuire Movie moment. That’s right, I wanted to meet a dreamy stranger and get whisked away with romance. While Lizzie had Rome, I set my sites on Greece. I was given an incredible opportunity to study abroad and jumped at the chance to go; I could see the archaeology sites I had been studying for years, learn to speak a language I could (roughly) read, and maybe, just maybe, find my very own Paolo Valisari (minus the whole back-stabbing, lip-syncing bit, of course).

My first 3 weeks in Greece were beyond amazing. I spent my days touring ancient sites and my nights gorging on delicious food and hitting some of Europe’s hottest nightclubs. I had all but forgotten my goal to find a foreign hottie when I walked into a bar in Santorini and saw him. He was Adonis come to life. I headed to the bar with my gal pals and was shocked when he soon approached me. We made small talk for a bit before he bought us drinks and started telling me about his favorite spots on the island. “Maybe this is my Paolo”, I thought, fairly certain I looked like the human embodiment of the heart-eye emoji. We danced, drank, and talked for around an hour when a woman approached.

He greeted her with a kiss to both cheeks. “Okay, this is normal”, I thought, as that greeting is par for the course in Europe. They spoke in fast Greek, fast enough that I couldn’t exactly get the gist of what they were saying. Then, he spoke the words that would forever change my life: “This is my wife. She and I both think you are very beautiful. You want to have a threesome with us?” My jaw hit the floor and my face turned beet red. I gave an awkward laugh and choked out a brief “thanks, but no thanks” and left to meet my friends, who had been watching from the other end of the bar.

I immediately told them what had happened, and one replied, “did you not see the wedding ring tan line on his finger”. The others laughed. Apparently, they had all realized and left my naïve self to discover the dreamy dude’s secret myself. They, thankfully, had a shot and a drink waiting for me, to soothe my bruised and embarrassed ego. We shut down the bars that night, and nearly every other night we were in Greece. That night was the one and only night I tried looking for my very own Paolo. Moral of the story: if the guy seems too good to be true, he’s probably married and is hoping you’ll join he and his wife for a threesome; stick to hanging with your girls and drinking vodka sodas.

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