Goals for 2019

I know it’s a little late on to be discussing goals – New Years was a whole 12 days ago now. Can you believe it? It’s almost time to start planning next Christmas! I joke (kind of). Now, I’m usually a bit Grinchy when it comes to goals because I strongly believe that you have to be motivated and ready to take on a challenge to succeed. That’s probably why I’ve decided now to make my resolutions. My boyfriend has gone back to Greece now and I won’t see him for another month so rather than wallowing and being sad until I see him again, I need to use this time to think about what I want to achieve this year.

Greek Lessons

Over the years, I’ve picked up a few phrases and sentences in Greek that have managed to get me by. I have tonnes of excuses as to why I haven’t yet progressed in the language and although they’re ‘somewhat’ valid, I feel this year I have no more excuses.

For the first year and a half in Greece, I worked in an UK based Kids Club and it just wasn’t necessary to learn. If you’ve ever been to Greece before, you’ll know almost everybody speaks English. Even my boyfriends Grandparents can get by. This is both really great and convenient but doesn’t back me into a corner and force Greek out of me which looks like the only solution to my problem right now.

Luckily, I don’t need to start from scratch with Greek as I already know the alphabet and most of the letters which are paired to make another letter. It’s not hard to learn the alphabet, it’s a bit like breaking a code. It’s the speech which I struggle with most. SO my resolution is to have a tutor by next month.

Save money

I wont share what particular goal I have in mind but I’d really like to double what I managed to save last year. I have some distant future goals and that is exactly what I’m working towards.

As I will be working most of the summer and having little time off, it should be as doable as last year. I’m aware that much of my earnings will probably go onto learning Greek and living for the next couple of months as between February and April in Greece, it is unlikely I will work. The benefits of this is there isn’t a great deal open this time of year in Corfu and online shopping is not as easy as it is in the UK so therefore as long as I have spending money to have a coffee at my local cafe, I have no worries.

Continue Blogging

Blogging and the community it comes with have really changed me over the past 6 months. I’ve finally found some self-worth and a hobby/skill that isn’t just completing a boxset in record timing.

I want to expand my skill and maybe take some risks in the blogging world. Maybe post something with the potential to have contrasting opinions or to open up some minds. Therefore I’d like to officially become less safe with my blogging as one of my resolutions.

Read more

When I was a teenager and I’d run out of credit on my phone, I’d spend hours on end reading books in bed. I’d like to find that again. There’s really not much more to that other than coming off social media a little bit earlier to allow myself time to read.

So there we have it. Resolutions/Goals/Aims or whatever you want to call it for this year. Some I will start right away and others I will start when the time feels right.

What are your goals for this year? Have you ever done similar goals? If so, tell me what you did to achieve them!


10 thoughts on “Goals for 2019”

  1. Love your goals! Especially learning Greek. I really must learn Turkish since my dad is Turkish and I can only slightly get by, don’t have a good understanding at all. Have you tried the app Duolingo? It’s really cool. Good luck with your goals I’m rooting for you and know you will smash 2019! Melis x

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    1. It’s not easy! I think the only way is to spend time over there. I struggle when I leave corfu for a while as anything I’ve learned just disappears over winter! Duolingo is fab and has really helped me with my written but not so much with speech 😏 thanks Melis, I’m looking forwards to a new year! X


  2. These are some great goals. I am sure you will have no problem achieving all of them. Reading is such a wonderful thing to do. I read every day after dinner and it helps me burn through books pretty quickly.

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    1. Thanks Sarah! So far so good. I’ve managed to finish one book and I’m booming through another so my goal is about 5 books this year as I’m a pretty slow reader! I forgot how nice it feels knowing that when you get into bed there’s a book waiting 😍


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