An open letter to my year 1 teacher

I stole the refreshers.

You did right by sitting me on the ‘bad behaviour chair’ because I absolutely took them.

The thing is, 20 years on and I still can’t actually give you a reason why. My mum told me never to steal and I wasn’t that sort of child!

I don’t even like refreshers.

They were there and for some reason I had to have them and so I took them and hid them in my tray. I was a pretty weird kid so the eye narrowing and evil glances were just a phase. I swear now I will never pull these faces again unless I’m in a really terrible mystery drama.

I’m still awful at maths.

I understand now when you wrote on the (black) board ‘1 and 1 =’ you were just trying to break it down for us but for some reason I must have not listened and thought ‘and’ and ‘+’ were different meanings and therefore 1 and 1 does not equal 11.

I’ve also learned not to tip my dairy lea dunkers upside down whilst talking to my friend because that kind of makes me sad even though I did it every day.

My hearts now have a point at the bottom and don’t resemble an upside down version of my bottom anymore. I’m glad because that took me longer than expected to achieve.

Also thanks to the lady who pulled my tooth out for me when it was hanging by a thread and I had to do a speech in assembly that morning. It’s a good job because I couldn’t say good morning to my class mates during register because it was dancing around in my mouth.

For such a tiny age, I remember so much from that year. When you can’t point out the weird kid from that memory, it probably means it was you. HOWEVER, I was pretty happy not fitting in as a child as I had loads of fun being ‘carefree’ weird.

Thanks for not being too judgemental, it was a very testing age for me and you know what it’s like when you spend most of your life sitting on the carpet and then suddenly you’re one of the first in from lunch and you somehow manage to secure a place on the bench. So thanks for sticking up for me when someone tried to steal that glory.

Kindest regards,


P.s yes I did wee myself then get picky over the spare pants. I wanted blue not yellow.

9 thoughts on “An open letter to my year 1 teacher”

    1. It’s a weird one, I can remember things that happened 20 years ago but if you ask me to repeat a conversation from earlier I just wouldn’t be able to tell you!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! ❀️❀️

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  1. There’s always those memories we somehow remember all too well and you have no idea why! This was so incredibly sweet and poetic, and it makes it even better that it’s gotten around to your teacher! Such a sweet post x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you!

      It’s so funny what you remember as a kid. I forget everything these days but all that is still planted in my brain, clear as day!
      Apparently my teachers also πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

      Thanks for commenting! Xx


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