Road Trip Essentials

This weekend we are going on our annual trip around mainland Greece and I’m so excited to share with you our adventure (after we’ve had it, of course)!

As we will be driving to our destination, like last year, I thought it would be necessary to put together an essentials list for anyone who may be taking a long distance car journey.

Spare change

For a lot of car journeys, this is mega important! We will have to pass through several Tolls on our journey and they will usually accept exact change only. So we put together a little kitty of change. Whether it’s useful to you or not, paying for something in exact change is ~deeply satisfying~

A good playlist

Every year I create a new playlist with whatever music I’m feeling at the time. I love to find music I used to love but haven’t listened to for a while and then blast it out in the car whilst I look out of the window and pretend I’m in a music video.

We all do it and you know it.


I think it speaks for itself really. Pile up the Pringles and make those ham and cheese sandwiches like your Mum used to! Don’t forget to ration πŸ™ƒ


At some point the sun will pop it’s little head up, even if it’s a dreary day and you know you want a sunglasses selfie in the car on your road trip! You never know when they need whapping out.

πŸ“· The boyfriend looking a tad angry as we were stuck in tonnes of traffic and yes… That is a Lilo in the background 😍


Now I’m talking directly to the passengers here…

Managing the playlist and backseat driving is really exhausting work, we deserve a little rest don’t we? Of course! That’s why a snuggly blanket and Travel pillow (or regular pillow) are in dire need here!

Deodorant/body spray

I don’t know about you but I randomly get really clammy when I travel anywhere (mmm, lovely). Giving yourself a quick *tsch tsch* under the ole armpits can make you feel a little bit more fresh upon arrival of your destination.

Portable chargers

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a destination and running out of juice! Especially if you’ve used most of it on your awesome playlist.

Comfortable attire

It’s essential to be comfortable enough but also dressed for the right occasion! I always throw a load of layers in the back as often we stop off at various places for a quick gander and cheeky photo and sometimes for a bit of lunch depending on the time of day. Don’t wanna be caught out in my Harry Potter pyjamas… Or do I?

P.s REMOVABLE LAYERS for when it gets too hot or cold.

πŸ“· The Greek lad stopping to take a photo during our road trip last year. Look at those layers 😍 and Union Jack socks πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ

Spare tire

Seems a bit too practical for this ‘light hearted’ post. But one time our tire almost came right off whilst we were driving and my boyfriend spent ages lying on the floor in July heat in Greece sweating his bottom off trying to put the new tire on whilst I moaned that I was getting sunburnt and ants were starting to crawl up my leg. Bad day. Bad day. Always have the spare tire though.

Travel mug

I drink copious amounts of coffee, it’s in the name. We all know the planet is in a dire state right now so let’s just pop a little old travel mug in there to alieviate our caffeine withdrawals and do our bit.

Also if you’re on a budget, hot drinks can be pre-prepared at home!

Travel sickness pills/paracetamol

Honestly I go round a corner in a car and feel sick. If anyone has ever been to Corfu, you’re probably wondering how I cope. I don’t. But plenty of water and a paracetamol handy help on the worse days. Keep a window a tiny bit open just to get some air circulating. Also mints. They help a sickly feeling.

I usually find that a good breakfast can contribute towards having a better journey so make sure you’ve planned what you’re going to eat when you wake up!

So that’s it. It’s not an extravagant list but it’s a list I go by when we spend 4 hours or so at a time in the car.

Passengers: make sure you keep your driver fed and watered! It’s not easy focusing for that long and they also want to enjoy their trip too!

Let me know what sort of things you like to have handy when driving for long distances!



πŸ“· Our journey to Meteora February 2018

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Essentials”

  1. Ok I am so so so so so SO sad that I’ve never been on a road trip. This makes me want to go on one even more. I would love so much being DJ all cozied up in a blanket, watching my BF get angry over traffic. And those union jack socks are so AMAZING. I hope you enjoy your trip girl! Can’t wait to hear all about it x


    1. Omg this has to be a goal in life! Even if you are just driving up to Scotland or something! So worth it. I will tell him you like his socks, they were a present off my brother πŸ˜‚ thank you! Setting off bright and early tomorrow, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist a couple of instaphotos before I write it all up!

      Thanks for the comment 😊xx


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