What it’s like to be a Dog Parent

You know how it is. There is nothing more special in this world than your dog(s). They could be the grumpiest little woofer in all the land but they’re still SO special.

Before I begin, for those of you who haven’t met my little ray of grumpy sunshine, here’s a little brief on my pooch:

Hugo is a rescue from the RSPCA. We got him 8 years ago and he is now 10 years old. He’s a Staffy crossed with something but we don’t really mind what with because he’s ours.

He’s grumpy, happy, noisy and a bit farty but he’s the best mate you could ever ask for. Granted, he likes men more than women so I will never be number 1 (even the Asda delivery man gets more of a look in sometimes) but that doesn’t stop him from being my number one!

Anyway, here’s what it’s like to be a dog parent:


There will always be a time when you step on a wet, shriveled up piece of chew on the carpet but you know you can’t get rid of it because your dog plays with it more than the expensive toys you buy then.

Being brought a wet/muddy/smelly ball or rope and looking into those deep brown eyes knowing that you’ve got to take it and play despite all the slobber you can see dripping off it.


Walks vary from dog to dog but we all know that dreaded moment your dog squats, in public and it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve had dogs, there’s still a small chance you might wretch.

Picking up a hot steaming poo is nobody’s favourite job but we do it because we have to!

But watching your dog have the best time of their lives on a walk makes it all worth it.

Rule breaking

I mean who really has a dog that doesn’t misbehave ever? Maybe you started out swearing that your dog would never be allowed on the furniture and now they have their own special spot on the sofa, the bed and, well, they may as well have a seat at the dining room table now.

For me, my little nugget is quite into the dirty protests. Whether they’re intentional or not, I have a feeling in my gut that he does them when he hasn’t got what he wanted (usually for the sakes of his health or well-being)

Vet visits

Anyone else’s dog scream the place down when they take them to the vets? You’d think mine was being tortured the way he carries on.

Taking your little chickens to the vet can be a horrible feeling. Whether you’re there with them or waiting for any kind of news. They can’t always tell you what’s wrong so it can really bring on a lot of stress and worry about them.

The bestest pal you’ll ever have

They’re there when you’re happy and they’re there when your sad. Seeing their face every day brings you endless amounts of joy and sunshine and for me, dogs are life.

Tell me about your dogs! I want to know where you got them, did you rescue? What breed are they and if you don’t have a dog – what’s your dream dog? What’s stopping you? Tell me all!P.s. Was this an excuse to post photos of my dog? Yes.

13 thoughts on “What it’s like to be a Dog Parent”

  1. Pretty much. Without wanting to sound too dramatic or OTT, dogs are my life. I still miss my parents’ last dog Sophie who died 3 summers ago and who we had since she was a little puppy. I volunteer at a lot of dog shelters, and that’s a good way to surround yourselves with dogs when you travel or when you can’t own one yourself.

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    1. Aww that’s really lovely. Dogs really are life I agree there! They’re the most wonderful, happiest bundles of joy to walk this earth!
      Sorry about your parents dog 😦 that just have been so hard. Hugo is my first and I don’t know how I’d cope without him!


  2. We recently looked after a Staffy cross Whippet while we were looking for a home for him. I would have loved to have kept him but he ended up making another family who needed him very happy! But he was adorable and very energetic. We are probably going to look at rescuing one when the baby is older! ❤️

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    1. Aww staffies are the loveliest dogs I’ve ever come across! I definitely recommend when the baby is older as they have so much energy and can be quite bouncy dogs but they’ve got a heart of gold when brought up properly!
      I’d advise looking for a cross though as depending what they’re crossed with they can be a little bit calmer and the risk of cancer is reduced a bit as they’re notorious for cancer.

      But I’m so glad the little pooch god rescued, such misunderstood dogs 😍


  3. Your dog is so cute!! I totally agree with the toys part! It’s super fun until I step on one of those toys who make a terrible sound in the middle of the night🤦🏻‍♀️
    Also, you’re lucky that your dog likes walks! All that mine wants to do it’s to get into people’s cars😂

    Anna // http://www.stralthy.com

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    1. This is very true 😂 aww no that’s hilarious!!! My dog loves walks but he doesn’t love other dogs so walks can be a bit stressful sometimes but I have to try and stay calm otherwise he feels my nervousness and gets nervous too!

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