Back in Corfu: A week in Photos

Views of the Old fortress

The Greek Lad has taken on the role of ‘model project’ whilst I practice taking photos of people. I think he secretly loves it. Wait, no, he’s openly loving it.

Liston Square. Coffee for days.

Corfu is the best place to frame a photo. There’s almost always flowers waiting for you to include them in your photography.

Is it a weed because we decided so? Weeds can be beautiful also.

Spot the bug! Insect in Greek: ζουζούνι – Zouzouni. Probably one of my favourite words in the Greek language.

Sunset on a whim. This was taken whilst I hung out of the window of the car. I’m pretty impressed with this one.

The never ending food supply in Greece. Fresh Kalamari and beer on a hot day. Yes please!

Fish not your fancy? How about a whopping big steak?! Greeks aren’t known for their minimalism.

Roses are not always red.

Something for the tourists. These guys walk through town singing and laughing with each other.

7th Heaven – yep this is really a place. Wild flowers are my favourite.

Nature knows colour contrast best.

If you haven’t already tried these, I urge you to this once! They can also be found in the UK. I’m a little bit addicted.

I wonder who owns these boats? Do you think they’d take me island hopping?

Logas beach. Somewhere in a little crevice of the Northern part of Corfu.

An accidental underexposure became a well loved photo. A flag I feel proud to be part of.

Ducks in the sea?! Hazy days give us grey skies but don’t be fooled, June is extremely hot this year in Corfu!

One of the funniest nights I’ve had in a long time. Corfu Beer is worth a try! Always support your local.

I’ve been back in Corfu for almost a week already and it feels like I never left. I’m blessed to have been greeted with sun and familiar faces. The season is only in the beginning but I can feel it’s going to be a good one already!

19 thoughts on “Back in Corfu: A week in Photos”

  1. Love, love, love these photos! I want to visit Greece so bad 🙂 my beau is half Greek (2nd gen American to boot) and we both love the culture so we dream of visiting some day! I’ll be showing him these pictures and crying later. (Just kidding about the crying bit.) So glad I found your blog!


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