Discussion: Stranger Things 3




Okay. Oh. My. God. I can’t be the only one who was utterly terrified at some parts? I’m not a fan of horror (or anything remotely jumpy) but that really was pushing the limits of what I can cope with!

So let’s start off with the top 5 utterly freaky moments eh?!

1. Nancy’s bosses
Aside from the fact they were horrible misogynistic A-Holes, they were also freaky as f**k. The scene where both Nancy and Jonathan were being chased by them down the deserted hospital corridor was actually making me scream! Especially the blonde dude, I dunno he just felt quite ‘Here’s Jonny!’ to me.

2. Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger
You know the one. Pretty silent dude with the massive gun. Yep. He full on freaked me out big time!
He just doesn’t die and I don’t trust overly quiet people in films/TV series – they always seem a bit soulless (think Sir Gregor GoT).

Especially when he was after Alexai – I was just starting to love him.

3. Mrs Driscoll and the rats
Rat explosion, wtf. Then when she’s lying in bed and starts going black in front of Nancy. Oh hell no. I’m aware I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to these things but that was a big NUH UH.

4. El and her gammy leg
WITH THE THING INSIDE AND JONATHAN PUTTING HIS HAND INSIDE – No, just no. I couldn’t look. That’s probably one of the goriest things I’ve ever seen on TV!

5. Billy in the Sauna
As much as Mike annoys me, he did have a genuinely good idea. Put Billy in the Sauna and sweat it out. It makes sense, that’s how they got it out of Will previously so why not try it with Billy? I think the kids really did not know how much stronger the Demogorgan had got and then cue Billy, the Flayed Minion leader!

He was so rabid and the way he tricked Max really got to me! It was clear he had been fully taken over at that point because as much of a ‘dick head’ Billy is, we saw his soft side in the previous season. He treated Max like absolute arse paper but I don’t think he’d have seen her hurt as we clearly saw at the end.

So those are my top 5 freaky moments, if you found any other scenes freaky, let me know! My memory isn’t always great and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something.

Onto my top 5 heartwarming moments. It wouldn’t be stranger things without a little ‘aww’

1. The reference to Bob
Bob is literally the Samwise Gamgee of stranger things. I love that they saw him as a hero and he really wasn’t forgotten.

2. Dustin and Suzy
I never doubted him, ever! I’m sad that Steve didn’t believe him because they have their cute/weird little bromance and Dustin really looks up to him. However, she saves the day after a rendition of the Never Ending Story which made me full on laugh out loud.

3. Back to the Future
Okay, not so much heartwarming but when they walked into the cinema and it was playing – I cheered. I was born in the wrong era 100%. An absolutely fantastic reference, I’m just sad that when Dustin went to find a car, he didn’t somehow manage to find the DoLorean. That would have made the entire series for me!

4. Hoppers speech to El
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little. He called himself her Dad (cry emoji). I did wonder how he managed to write all that as though he knew he was going to die though. That was definitely a letter from beyond the grave speech not a letter to stop sucking face with Mike!

5. Robin and Steve
Firstly, I just knew she wasn’t straight. I had a feeling from the start! I felt sorry for Steve though, he found the perfect girl and in a way she sort of lead him to believe there was some previous interest. She just didn’t specify it was the girl she was after not Steve.

He took it well though and I love that they’ve stayed friends. I also love that Steve is becoming a nerd, he’s too good for Nancy now. P.s the fact he wore his Scoops Ahoy uniform the entire time just made me love him a little more. He could not have been less cool.

I also love that they were drugged and got a bit high and weird and giggly together. I think it brought them closer and I’m looking forwards to seeing how their relationship as friends blossoms!

After all the craziness of this season, I have some serious unanswered questions. Give me your thoughts below!

1. Is Hopper really dead?

2. What’s happening with El and her powers?

3. Has Joyce adopted El? Will she go to school now that they’ve moved somewhere different?

4. Has Hopper turned into that new demohuman that we saw in the end?

5. The Russian man mentioned an American in the cell, is that Hopper?

6. Basically… Hopper, where are you?

Tell me your theories/thoughts/opinions, ask me your questions! Let’s talk about it. I’m really loving this season more than the others which surprised me as to begin with I was like NOPE. I couldn’t accept El and Mike making out all the time. She’s too naive for that but I’m glad it stopped as from there and onwards it got GOOD.

9 thoughts on “Discussion: Stranger Things 3”

  1. Hopper is def the American in the cell.

    I think the demohuman is the mind flayer guy.

    I’m sure Joyce adopted Eleven.

    And I think he disabled her powers and now she needs to pretty much restrain herself like how they taught her in the lab. I was really waiting for her “sister” to pop up somewhere. And I’m super sad that Billy is gone.

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  2. I am also not a fan or horror and gore! All those moments you mentioned, I had to close my eyes and have my husband give me the all clear!! Haha

    Omggggg! I don’t know if it’s because I just had a baby but that letter from Hopper had me in TEARS! I was bawling. I am now, just thinking of it!

    Now, we looked up all kinds of things after watching. If you go back, before Joyce hits the button, they show where Hopper was standing and he isn’t there! There are theories that he’s actually in the Upside Down! If anyone could make it there, it would be him. He cannot be dead. I think the American in the cell is way too obvious, so I don’t think that’s him!

    Billy’s redemption was so heartbreaking! He’s always been such a jerk but ahhh! What a sad moment for Max too.

    Eleven, she’s definitely getting her powers back. I think she just went through some major trauma. Losing Hopper was a HUGE loss for her. Stress and loss really take a toll on your mental state. So, I think they are just “blocked” right now.

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    1. Oh I LOVE your theories!! Congrats on the baby by the way! But you’re definitely not alone… I usually cry at sad bits alone and hold it together in front of my partner but I lost it last night! (and I have no babies… However my periods due so could explain it a bit 😂)

      Oh wow we may have to go back and look! I think he’s that demohuman thing that ate the guy at the end. That was my first thought but maybe that’s too obvious too?!

      Maybe El will try to find him and it will lead her to that creature?!

      I’m not sure I can wait for another season!! I need answers now haha!

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      1. Thank you!! Hey, a lot of the same hormones for a period, so its legit!!

        He could be but that also feels obvious and it would be super sad. Hopper, Steve and Dustin are my favorites. So, without Hopper it just doesn’t feel the same. He’s a lot of comedic relief in a really dark show. Regardless, something has to happen to have El find him, it might even be by accident! What if she’s trying to go to the dark space in her mind? She’s thinking of him subconsciously and ends up seeing him?

        I know!! I really hope they don’t make us wait over a year and a half! Although, this season was really good. So maybe not rushing is a good thing. I remember them saying that her “sister” was going to have a big part, yet she wasn’t there. Maybe the next season?

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      2. Yes totally agree. I love Hopper, Dustin and Steve! They really make it. I do also love Lucas too, he’s sweet!

        Yeah I think they really need him. He’s what keeps the show ‘adult’ as well if you get me.

        El will definitely find him and she has to be the one who does – he rescued her, now its her turn to rescue him!

        I agree, I’d love a new season tomorrow but it needs to be well thought out and not rushed! The year and a half wait was totally worth it!

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      3. Yes, I agree!! No Stranger Things without Hopper!!

        Ahhh, that reunion will be so amazing!! I can’t wait.

        Yes, I would love it tomorrow too. Such a good show! 😊

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  3. I loved this season way more than the 2nd one. It was a constant thriller and did not disappoint. I really missed the monosyllabic El this season hehe. And whatever happened to El’s supposed sister? They didn’t touch it this season and I’m glad. I didn’t enjoy that story line at all. This is the end of my two cents hehe.

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    1. Yeah I’m glad too. I wasn’t that bothered about her ‘sister’. I felt like Els powers stood out alone better. I think the love of her friends stands out way more!

      I think her style is bitchin’ this season though haha!!


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