My summer essentials!

Being someone who isn’t really girly is a blessing and a curse. I don’t worry so much about what I wear but I can also feel uncomfortable and out of place when it comes to dressing up.

Here are 5 things I can’t live without during the summer months:

1. Flip flops

I’ve had my Roxy flip flops for at least 3 years now and they have been worn to death. I’ve tried to buy others to replace them in the past but I still always end up slipping them on before I go to the beach.

(p.s this photo is from when they were brand new!)

2. Playsuits/jumpsuits

There is absolutely no hassle when it comes to wearing a playsuit or jumpsuit. Throw it on, stick a pair of shoes on and you’re done. No need to style or pair it with a top etc. Easy fashion.

3. Sunglasses

I have dozens of sunglasses. I’ve got my main ones, my backup ones, my backup backup ones. Ones that go with black outfits and ones that go with lighter colours. Sunglasses are a simple accessory that just accentuates any outfit. Even if they stay on your head all day!

4. Culottes

They’re flowy so they keep you cool but also look super nice dressed up or down.

I tend to go for patterned culottes paired with a plain white or black tshirt. Simple!

5. White pumps

They really do go with most things and if you’re anything like me, the idea of heels frightens the bejesus out of you. I love wearing pumps with a dressed up outfit, it gives personality to what you wear and still makes us flat shoe girls look great!

Note: I do not mention any denim. As someone who lives in Greece and is extremely familiar with the culture, I dress prepared for food. Stretchy clothing only! Denim shorts and a giant plate of souvlaki are not a sensible mix therefore I have slowly phased denim out of my summer wardrobe over the years.

What’s your favourite summer go-to?

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