13 things I hate about Halloween

It's widely known that in the UK, Halloween is far less celebrated than our friends across the pond in the US. Traditions and culture are quite different but that doesn't mean it isn't fun or exciting to dress up and knock on doors, receiving sweets from strangers. In fact, I'd be lying if I said… Continue reading 13 things I hate about Halloween

10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog

#1 Down days For starters, sometimes blogging feels like a never ending cycle of disappointment. Why are my posts not getting recognition? These things take time. Blogging takes time. Maybe nothing will attract others for a while but then suddenly one post makes all the difference. It's easy within the first few weeks to think… Continue reading 10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog

10 things to help you through a difficult week.

1. Take 10 minutes in the morning to appreciate your surroundings 2. Eat breakfast 3. Make time for your morning tea/coffee 4. Make 'to-do' lists for the following week 5. Although it's hard, take a step back from social media. Even for just an hour. 6. Watch your favourite programme/film or read a good book… Continue reading 10 things to help you through a difficult week.