10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog

#1 Down days For starters, sometimes blogging feels like a never ending cycle of disappointment. Why are my posts not getting recognition? These things take time. Blogging takes time. Maybe nothing will attract others for a while but then suddenly one post makes all the difference. It's easy within the first few weeks to think… Continue reading 10 Things to remember when starting up a Blog

Basic Greek for Beginners

Let's learn some basic Greek this morning! First I will write in Greek, then the Latin alphabet and translation in English: Καλημέρα - Kalimera - Good Morning Sounds like: Ka-lee-mare-ah Καλησπέρα - kalispera - Good afternoon/evening Sounds like: Ka-lee-spare-ah Καληνύχτα - Kalinikta - Good night Sounds like: Ka-lee-nihk-ta Γειά Σου - yia sou - hello… Continue reading Basic Greek for Beginners