6 steps to help keep calm when making a big decision

It's inevitable. At one point in our lives we hit a road that has multiple turns and sometimes it feels like our heads are going to explode and we're going to stop at a dead end. I.e. Spend the next 50/60 years watching Netflix and achieving a big fat 0. Not that there's anything wrong… Continue reading 6 steps to help keep calm when making a big decision

Life update March 2019!

In the world of blogging and social media, I've been quieter than usual lately. For the past few weeks I've been struggling internally as I realised I've wanted a career change. Before I start going on about what I'd like to do, I want to be in a position where I've actually started the course… Continue reading Life update March 2019!

‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.

I almost had my shit together just over three years ago. I had a good job, comfortable relationship, driving lessons, saving up for a car and I had just graduated university. Then I realised I didn't want all that and chucked it away without a second glance. I passed my driving test and two weeks… Continue reading ‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.