What’s in my bag: cabin bag edition!

Being a frequent flyer means there's a certain check list for cabin bag. If you're anything like me and need to be constantly entertained otherwise you notice your legs wriggling and you're tapping everything that will make a sound (yes pray I have entertainment if you're sitting next to me) then you'll probably want to… Continue reading What’s in my bag: cabin bag edition!

Goals for 2019

I know it's a little late on to be discussing goals - New Years was a whole 12 days ago now. Can you believe it? It's almost time to start planning next Christmas! I joke (kind of). Now, I'm usually a bit Grinchy when it comes to goals because I strongly believe that you have… Continue reading Goals for 2019

Part 3: Winter in Greece: Elati

Driving into Elati, a small village up in the north of Greece was like walking into what I can only imagine what Santa's home town looks like (wherever you believe that to be). Huge Christmas trees towering above us and surrounding the village completely made it feel like a winter wonderland. Elati actually gets its… Continue reading Part 3: Winter in Greece: Elati

Greece: Why I love it

If this post inspires at least one person to visit Greece next year then my job is done. I want to give a little insight as to why I love Greece so much and why it's the ideal destination for anyone. 1. Choice There's a total of 227 inhabited islands in Greece. Although there are… Continue reading Greece: Why I love it

Guest Post: That time when I met my Prince Not-So-Charming

Welcome to my second guest post 'that time when...' This week's guest is KB (her life in ruins) ❤ That time when I met my Prince Not-So-Charming At 19, I was young, had stars in my eyes, and dreamed of going abroad to have my very own Lizzie McGuire Movie moment. That’s right, I wanted… Continue reading Guest Post: That time when I met my Prince Not-So-Charming

30 things that make me happy!

Earlier on this week the lovely Little World Of Rachel suggested I write my own blog post of things that make me happy. So here I am! Big thank you to Rachel, I will be adding all her social media links to the bottom of this post so check her out! 😊 1. Coffee 2.… Continue reading 30 things that make me happy!

25 things I have achieved and 25 things I want to achieve

As it's the big 2-5 For me in just over a week, I have decided to write 25 things I have achieved over 25 years and 25 things I would like to achieve in the next 25 years. I swear I won't say 25 again. What I have achieved: *disclaimer* these aren't always positive achievements… Continue reading 25 things I have achieved and 25 things I want to achieve