Goals for 2019

I know it's a little late on to be discussing goals - New Years was a whole 12 days ago now. Can you believe it? It's almost time to start planning next Christmas! I joke (kind of). Now, I'm usually a bit Grinchy when it comes to goals because I strongly believe that you have… Continue reading Goals for 2019

Life In Greece: Q&A!

Over the past few days I have been gathering questions from some of you lovely individuals on Twitter and Instagram to create a Q&A blogpost about my life in Greece. I have tried to keep my answers very real so I haven't spent a lot of time editing as I think this can take away… Continue reading Life In Greece: Q&A!

Basic Greek for Beginners

Let's learn some basic Greek this morning! First I will write in Greek, then the Latin alphabet and translation in English: Καλημέρα - Kalimera - Good Morning Sounds like: Ka-lee-mare-ah Καλησπέρα - kalispera - Good afternoon/evening Sounds like: Ka-lee-spare-ah Καληνύχτα - Kalinikta - Good night Sounds like: Ka-lee-nihk-ta Γειά Σου - yia sou - hello… Continue reading Basic Greek for Beginners