What’s in my bag: cabin bag edition!

Being a frequent flyer means there's a certain check list for cabin bag. If you're anything like me and need to be constantly entertained otherwise you notice your legs wriggling and you're tapping everything that will make a sound (yes pray I have entertainment if you're sitting next to me) then you'll probably want to… Continue reading What’s in my bag: cabin bag edition!

Pre-christmas tasks!

I know, I know we are in the middle of Autumn and everyone is talking about crunchy leaves and scary movies but this year I desperately want to be the most organised I've ever been when it comes to Christmas so I'm starting now! 🎄🎃🎄🎃🎄🎃🎄🎃🎄🎃🎄🎃🎄 These are just some small goals I'd like to achieve… Continue reading Pre-christmas tasks!