What it’s like to be a Dog Parent

You know how it is. There is nothing more special in this world than your dog(s). They could be the grumpiest little woofer in all the land but they're still SO special. Before I begin, for those of you who haven't met my little ray of grumpy sunshine, here's a little brief on my pooch:… Continue reading What it’s like to be a Dog Parent

April Update: New Camera!

Happy May everyone! For a lot of April I've been pretty inactive in the Blogging circle, I'm not even sure if I can explain why. I'm back though and although it's not a very wordy post as I've lost a little bit of inspiration, it's still a post and it counts! I've been back in… Continue reading April Update: New Camera!

A brief on a friend for life.

Feeling sad? He's there. Feeling happy? He's there. Have a bit of food? Oh he's there. The love from a dog lasts a lifetime and they don't ask for much. Food, water, bed, walkies and a good pat. I'm dedicating this blog post to my best pal who I miss every time I go back… Continue reading A brief on a friend for life.