‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.

I almost had my shit together just over three years ago. I had a good job, comfortable relationship, driving lessons, saving up for a car and I had just graduated university. Then I realised I didn't want all that and chucked it away without a second glance. I passed my driving test and two weeks… Continue reading ‘Getting your shit together’ from a different perspective.

10 things to help you through a difficult week.

1. Take 10 minutes in the morning to appreciate your surroundings 2. Eat breakfast 3. Make time for your morning tea/coffee 4. Make 'to-do' lists for the following week 5. Although it's hard, take a step back from social media. Even for just an hour. 6. Watch your favourite programme/film or read a good book… Continue reading 10 things to help you through a difficult week.